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Practice Dr. Frühwein: More than a family doctor

Dr. Frühwein & Partner is your general practioner practice and covers the entire spectrum of internal and external diseases as a general internal practice. This includes prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment in basic medical care, in acute cases, long-term care and in rehabilitation. Similar to the Tropical Institute Munich,
Dr. Frühwein & Partner are specialists in travel and tropical medicine.

Versatile consulting in one practice

As general practitioners in Munich, we are your universal point of contact for consulting and medical complaints of all kinds. We also focus on prevention and precaution. In addition to individual check-ups, we try to maintain your health and expand your potential with measures, ranging from nutritional and sports consulting to stress management.

Our therapeutic approach is extended by individual treatment methods such as naturopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture. As vaccine specialists, we particularly care about the good vaccination status of our patients. Our general medical practice also helps as a “pilot” to coordinate all steps of your treatment, if necessary in cooperation with other physicians. We work together with our network of renowned specialists.

Travel Medicine and Tropical Institute in and around Munich

In addition to our focus on home medicine in Munich, we have specialized in travel medicine, tropical medicine and vaccinations. Do vaccinations need to be refreshed? What are possible health risks? What belongs in the first aid kit? As a tropical institute we know: special destinations require a special preparation. The expertise of our broadly based medical team lies in the areas of vaccination, tropical medicine, infectiology, preventive medicine, as well as diving- and altitude medicine.

In our travel medical and tropical medicine practice in Munich you will be comprehensively informed and optimally prepared for a safe journey. For the travel medical consultations and vaccinations in Munich, you are welcome to make an appointment or just come to our free consultation hour.

A Successful family practice in Munich for generations

Since its founding in 1946 as one of the first yellow fever vaccination sites in Europe by Dr. med. Friedrich Frühwein, our practice is standing for competent personal patient care in general medicine, both as a general practitioner as well as a specialist for travel medicine and tropical medicine in Munich. The basis of our medical self-conception is always to comprehensively advise and treat the patient as a whole. The synthesis of thorough personal care and a comprehensive range of therapies enables us to optimally respond to your individual health needs.


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Our Team

Practice for General-, Tropics- and Travelmedicine in Munich

We are happy to be here for you in our practice for travel- & tropicsmedicine in munich

Dr. Markus Frühwein, MaHM

Specialist for general medicine, travel medicine, tropical medicine, nutritional medicine

Dr. Brigitta Thrun

Specialist for general medicine, anaesthesia, altitude medicine, travel medicine

Dr. Nikolaus Frühwein

Specialist for general medicine, travel medicine and tropical medicine, occupational medicine

Dr. Annette von Reitzenstein

General Practitioner, homeopathy, naturopathy

Dr. Anna Beck

Specialist for general medicine, acupuncture, travel medicine

Dr. Anna Gebert

Assistant doctor for general medicine, acupuncture, travel medicine

Alexander Hammouda

Assistant doctor for general medicine, acupuncture, manual medicine

Dr. Hannah Distelmaier

Specialist for Internal Medicine

Dr. Werner Doin

General Practicioner