High altitude medicine and consulting in Munich

It is a fantastic feeling to climb a peak and look proudly over the spreading panorama. To ensure that you do not fall by the wayside in terms of your health during this challenge in nature, you should seek advice on high-altitude medicine in Munich in advance of your trip. Altitude consulting in Munich deals with the health effects of staying at high altitudes.

Height consulting in Munich: How high is “high”?

Everyone is different and depending on physical condition and weather conditions, sometimes a hill can feel like a mountain. But healthy and fit hikers should have no major complaints up to an altitude of 2,500 meters. Above this so-called “threshold level”, however, the organism adjusts. Above 2,500 meters, there is an acceleration of breathing and pulse rate as the body tries to compensate for the decreasing oxygen content of the air.

Body can only adapt to high altitudes to a limited extent

After a few hours, these symptoms disappear and other adaptation processes are triggered. At an altitude consultation in Munich, vacationers learn what they should bear in mind if, for example, they are driven to the Zugspitze (2,962 m). The body can no longer fully acclimatize to extreme altitudes above 5,300 meters. Only a short stay is possible here.

High altitude medicine in Munich: symptoms of altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is composed of a variety of different symptoms. In addition to the increasing cold, the dry air and the considerably higher UV radiation, it is above all the lack of oxygen (hypoxia) that limits the performance of the human body with increasing altitude. Endurance performance decreases by approximately 10% per 1,000 meters of altitude. During exertion as well as during sleep, the blood oxygen content is additionally reduced.

Mountaineering from 2,500 meters only with solid condition

For high altitude trekking (2,500 – 5,500m) you should have a solid basic endurance, for high altitude mountaineering (5,000 and above) an excellent condition on the level of a well trained athlete is necessary. An altitude medical examination in Munich makes sense here beforehand. To prevent altitude sickness, you should therefore be well prepared when climbing and staying at high altitudes – starting with sufficient training before starting your vacation. During the altitude consultation in Munich, we will give you recommendations for a possibly useful specific altitude training in an altitude training center in Munich.

Such an altitude training could be carried out for example at “Hypoxicum – Institute for Altitude Training“. That pre-acclimatization at simulated altitude has a positive effect was shown by the Everest Flash expedition in May 2018, which would not have been possible without this training at home (read here)

Slowly gain altitude with the right method

During the altitude consultation in Munich, it is important to find the optimal tactics for acclimatization – decisive factors for this are (in addition to walking speed, ascent speed, nutrition and fluid intake) the sleep altitude differences (altitude differences from night to night) and the exact altitude profile. During the altitude consultation, we individually address your tour and analyze possible critical stages. Our altitude physicians will explain to you how to recognize that the body is acclimatized to the respective altitude and by which symptoms a possible altitude sickness can become noticeable. You will receive written information about the symptoms and their evaluation on site.

Sound height advice in Munich saves health problems

There are constitutional factors that favor the occurrence of altitude sickness that you should be aware of. In special cases, it may be useful to take a drug “acclimatization aid”. We will advise you whether this makes sense in your case or for the tour you have booked.

If you are interested, please make an appointment for a height consultation in Munich. Here you will also receive even more detailed written information about altitude medicine in Munich. Please note that the height consultation and the associated examinations are not a benefit of the health insurance and the costs may have to be borne by you.

Costs of height consultation and related examinations in the practice of Dr. Frühwein und Partner

  • Altitude consultation (+ measurement v. blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation in blood) – 35,00 €

  • Lung function examination (+ measurement of oxygen saturation in blood) – €40.00
  • Ergometry (stress ECG) – 40,00 €