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Ever since Edward Jenner discovered the possibility of prophylactic vaccination against the dreaded smallpox at the end of the 18th century, vaccinations have been the safest way to protect oneself from disease. Over the years, smallpox has been completely eradicated through vaccination programs, and polio now exists in only 3 countries around the world.

Vaccinations activate the immune system instead of acting against diseases themselves

Unlike most drugs, vaccinations do not have a direct effect on the disease once it has broken out. The substances applied in low concentrations during vaccination in Munich activate the body’s own immune system to effectively fight a pathogen before a serious outbreak of disease can occur. The disease is not prevented by the vaccine, but naturally by our immune system.

Passive vaccinations possible in Munich even with existing infections

In addition to this active immunization, which mobilizes the immune system against the pathogen, there is also the possibility of passive vaccination in Munich in the case of an existing infection, in which antibodies administered from the outside are intended to accelerate the healing process. Vaccinations work successfully with both live and inactivated vaccines against a variety of viral and bacterial infectious diseases.

Live and dead vaccines create memory for foreign bodies

In the case of live vaccines, attenuated but still reproducible pathogens are applied, which stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. Dead vaccines are killed pathogens that are only present in parts. The proteins and sugar molecules of the dead vaccine are recognized by the white blood cells as foreign antigens and stored in an immune response by lymphocytes, so that in living form they would be immediately recognized and fought by the immune system as foreign antibodies.

Vaccination in Munich possible with different methods

Depending on the vaccine and the type of immunization, the substances are injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. While adults usually receive injections in the upper arm, children are more likely to receive them in the thigh; only passive immunizations are injected into the gluteal muscle.

Risks and side effects comparatively low

Vaccinations in Munich are extremely safe and serious side effects are extremely rare. The possibility of being able to prevent diseases with a potentially severe course in advance without significant risk makes vaccinations one of the most important preventive measures.

Vaccination in Munich with the experience of three generations

Our practice, Dr. Frühwein and Partners, has specialized in this area for 3 generations. We are your competent contact for all questions concerning vaccination in and around Munich.