Vaccination counseling and standard vaccinations in Munich

Vaccinations are comparatively the most effective and cheapest method of preventive health care. With little effort, the immune system is activated to provide itself with optimal protection in the event of a viral or bacterial illness. No medicine works as precisely as one’s own body, no medical instruments or apparatus can implement a treatment as favorably as vaccination.

For standard vaccinations, health insurers cover the costs

Therefore, at least standard vaccinations are covered by all health insurance companies, because they prevent diseases and costly treatments. Opinions occasionally differ on what is required as a minimum level of vaccination. This is because vaccination is also a minor medical intervention – but compared to the requirements of the disease that may be prevented, vaccination is a minimal treatment.

Vaccination counseling in Munich explains risks and benefits of vaccination

Risks and side effects are also extremely rare with vaccination; after all, the vaccine substances are administered in a very weak concentration that has been tested millions of times. A detailed vaccination consultation in Munich with the specialists of Dr. Frühwein can help to overcome possible vaccination reservations.

Vaccinations often a prerequisite for kindergartens

Compulsory vaccination has been discussed time and again, but does not exist in this country to this day. However, kindergartens and schools in Munich are increasingly making certain vaccinations a condition of admission for children in order to protect other children from infection. Vaccinations are also required in some professions.

Document standard vaccinations in vaccination book

Standard vaccinations usually include those against mumps, chickenpox, measles, rubella, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio. But vaccination is also possible against other health hazards. At the vaccination consultation in Munich, you can receive detailed information from our experienced physicians. Vaccinations should begin in early childhood and be refreshed at the appropriate intervals. A vaccination book helps keep track of this. Sounds simple, but it is not always.

Adults also need to refresh vaccinations again and again

While children usually pay attention to vaccination during regular check-ups, this awareness is often lost as they get older. But adults can also contract polio, be infected by rabies, or endanger their embryos with rubella during pregnancy. That’s why everyone should have an up-to-date immunization record book at any age, he said. In the case of accidents, injuries or acute complaints, it also helps the doctor to orient himself against which hazards the patient is protected.

Each species visit is suitable for vaccination control

Every visit to the doctor, especially vaccination consultations in Munich for long-distance travel, is a good opportunity to check the current vaccination protection against the vaccination book and, if necessary, to refresh it by renewing vaccinations in Munich. There are no additional costs for you, because the health insurance companies cover these standard vaccinations.

On the following pages you will find further important information about the most important standard vaccinations, the vaccines and possible side effects of the respective vaccination.

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