Professional travel and tropical medicine in Munich

Our travel consulting and travel medicine in Munich will help you enjoy your vacation as an experience without regrets. As different as the needs and interests of our patients are when traveling, so individual is the travel consultation in Munich for medical travel precautions. After all, you don’t want to return from your dream trip with malaria or dengue fever.

Even for shorter trips, a medical travel consultation in Munich makes sense

It is not only a question of health risks in the Amazon or in the Congo Basin; medical travel advice in Munich is also useful for trips in Europe. If an infection or accident occurs at your destination, you often don’t speak the local language, and local medical care may be confusing or not what you expected. Here, a prior expert travel consultation in Munich, possibly with recommendations for a small first-aid kit, can ensure relaxed vacation preparations.

Travel medicine in Munich: Does your constitution fit the planned trip?

Many health problems while traveling are less dependent on the destination than on your physical condition. In a medical travel consultation, you can clarify important questions: How well do you tolerate heat or cold, does your constitution allow strenuous hikes or sports, do you get seasick easily, are you prone to fear of flying, or up to what altitudes are you trained? How do you tolerate the local food or drinks at your destination, do you need to be aware of any sensitivities or physical limitations that you should take precautions for? If required, we also combine our travel medical consultation in Munich with a personal fitness and health check.

Prophylaxis for travel and tropical medicine in Munich

However, if you are really drawn to tropical regions that harbor health risks such as yellow fever, malaria or dengue fever, our practice for tropical and travel medicine in Munich is your competent partner for travel advice and health protection in Munich, even for exotic locations. Whether malaria, dengue fever, diarrheal diseases, AIDS risks or much more, Dr. Frühwein und Partner offers:

  • Health and vaccination advice for upcoming travel
  • Necessary travel vaccinations and prophylaxis
  • Tropical pre- and post-testing
  • Diving fitness examination
  • Airworthiness examination
  • High altitude medical examinations and consultation
  • Infectiology and infectious medicine

Tropical medicine follow-up in Munich is important

Your trip to tropical areas should be followed by a tropical follow-up examination even if you do not have a recognizable illness, because some diseases have a longer incubation period than dengue fever (3-14 days) or malaria (7-50 days), which can be detected by us in a travel medical examination in Munich. In contrast to pure vaccination centers, we also treat possible tropical diseases or refer you to other specialists in special cases. That is why Dr. Frühwein und Partner is a competent contact for travel advice, travel and tropical medicine in Munich and the surrounding area.

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