Stress management and coaching

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Stress Management – Coaching – Munich

Optimizing health not only in Munich. Fit for life and work. Balancing work and private life is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s world. The ever-increasing pressure to perform and time pressure has a direct impact on your private environment. On the other hand, private stress adversely affects performance at work.

What is stress?
Stress is not all the work alone. Stress can also have positive effects. But then you don’t need us. This refers to so-called dysstress, the negative stress that weighs you down and severely limits your ability to work.

  • Stress is, for example, external problems that you do not feel able to solve optimally.
  • Stress is the time pressure you feel you are under.
  • Stress is the demands on you that you feel you cannot meet.

What is Stress Management – Coaching in Munich, or what can it be?

You can only eliminate these stress factors in the rarest of cases, but you can minimize them. In addition, you can reduce your own consternation, improve the way you deal with stress. You must not get sick from the stress.

On the subject of stress management, we can offer you some support and help from Munich:

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