Diving fitness examination in Munich

Diving medicine and diving fitness in Munich

Diving is a beautiful sport. Thus, Lake Starnberg looks quite different again at the bottom. But for diving you need a minimum level of fitness, otherwise the fun can be life-threatening. As divers, they exposed themselves to a number of physical and psychological risks for which they should prepare. The diving medicine department of the practice of Dr. Frühwein and Partner in Munich is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diving accidents and, in particular, to diving fitness.

Diving medicine in Munich: Diving fitness examination: lungs, cardiovascular system and ears are under particular pressure

Responsible dive schools or dive operators therefore require a medical diving fitness examination. This examination by our experienced doctors in Munich corresponds to a comprehensive “check up” with special consideration of the organs that are particularly stressed during diving, such as the lungs, the cardiovascular system and the ears. As a preventive measure, we check your health suitability for diving as part of a diving fitness examination in our practice in Munich and thus give you the necessary health security for your activities under water.

A diving medical examination, as we offer it in our practice in Munich, is a requirement for prospective divers

After completing the diving fitness examinations, they receive a diving certificate according to the specifications of the German Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTÜM), which is recognized in all international diving associations, for example by CMAS and PADI. It is the basic requirement for the beginning of a diving education or the acquisition of a recreational diving license according to international standards. Renewed diving fitness examinations in Munich or elsewhere should all be renewed regularly depending on age. The GTÜM recommends a validity of 3 years up to 40 years, and one year above that. We take this examination seriously and our diving doctor carries it out in Munich accordingly carefully and extensively according to the specifications of the GTÜM, so that you can discover the oceans with a clear conscience.

Information about the diving fitness examination in Munich: Pressure equalization

During diving, negative or positive pressure is created in the middle ear in relation to the surrounding water pressure. The middle ear is connected to the pharynx by a connecting duct, the eustachian tube, which is normally closed. It opens only when swallowing or when the pressure of the environment is lower than that in the middle ear – for example, when climbing a mountain. Accordingly, when diving, the overpressure of the surrounding water must be counteracted by increasing the pressure in the throat. This is achieved by holding the mouth and nose while exhaling. Whether this works without any problems is examined by your diving doctor in Munich with an otoscopy, or the Valsalva test.

Limited suitability for diving

With our comprehensive diving fitness examinations in Munich we make sure that from a medical point of view nothing speaks against your planned diving adventure. However, if there are any concerns in this regard, we speak them out openly. In such cases, a diving fitness certificate can often only be issued with restrictions or not at all. We see your health as our responsibility here.

This is what you should consider when visiting the diving doctor in the practice of Dr. Frühwein and Partner in Munich

Please refer to our patient information on the subject of diving suitability. The diving fitness examination in Munich is not reimbursed by most health insurance companies. Ask your health insurance company about the possibility of covering the costs. But even so, feeling safe on your diving adventure should be worth a dive fitness exam.

Services of the diving fitness examination in the practice of Dr. Frühwein and Partner

In addition to a general and special diving medical history and examination of the whole body as well as reflection of the eardrum with examination of the ability to equalize pressure, an ECG at rest, spirometry with recording of the flow/volume curve and pulse oximetry are performed during the diving fitness examination in all age groups. Advice is also given on general diving risks, especially with regard to existing illnesses. For the diving fitness examination in persons over 40 years of age, ergometry with measurement of blood pressure and ECG under stress must be performed. Depending on the physical examination, medical history, and existing pre-existing conditions, a blood draw may be appropriate.

Costs of the diving fitness examination in the practice of Dr. Frühwein and Partner

  • Diving examination for patients under 40 years old – €90.00
  • Diving examination for patients over 40 years (plus ergometry 40,00 €) – 130,00 €.
  • If necessary, blood sampling (CRP, small blood count, blood sugar) – 20,00 €.

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