The staff and doctors team

We are happy to be there for you.

Here we would like to introduce you to our practice team and the team of doctors in the practice. Highly qualified and motivated employees are waiting for you.

The employees also determine what makes a company and ensure that the patient feels comfortable with us.

Our practice team is optimally prepared for the respective tasks and is constantly learning.
We constantly push the exchange of knowledge within the team and increase the competences by means of further education and training.

Dr. Markus Frühwein, MaHM

Specialist in general medicine, travel medicine, tropical medicine, nutritional medicine

Dr. Brigitta Thrun

Specialist for general medicine, anesthesia, high-altitude medicine, travel medicine, sports medicine

Dr. Nikolaus Frühwein

Specialist in general medicine, travel and tropical medicine, occupational medicine

Dr. Annette von Reitzenstein

General practitioner, homeopathy, naturopathy

Dr. Anna Beck

Specialist in general medicine, travel medicine, acupuncture

Dr. Werner Doin

Specialist for
General Medicine

Dr. Maximiliane Lenze

Specialist for general medicine

Dr. Johannes Patze

Resident in general medicine, travel medicine

Lena from Hesler

Assistant physician for general medicine, travel medicine