Nikolaus Frühwein, MD

Dr. med. Nikolaus Friedrich Frühwein

Professional degrees:

  • 09.11.83: General practitioner
  • 18.01.84: Additional title tropical medicine
  • 11/13/87: Additional designation of occupational medicine Workers’ compensation board authorizations for various principles.

Current medical practice:

  • Since 01.04.84: Travel medicine practice in own practice for general and tropical medicine in Munich. Main focus: Travel medicine, tropical medicine, infectiology, preventive medicine Yellow fever vaccination center Bavaria No. 1.
  • The practice has existed in Munich since 1946 and, under its founder Dr. Friedrich Frühwein, was also the first yellow fever vaccination center in Bavaria.
  • Expert advisor on vaccination issues for the Bavarian Medical Association, Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns, and several professional associations.
  • Author of several books: e.g. Health while traveling, Traveling with children, etc. Author of more than 100 professional articles in the field of vaccination, immunology, travel medicine.
  • Freelance company physician with several companies, particularly in the HBV industry.
  • Freelance auditing physician for life insurers.


  • Founding member and president of the Bavarian Society for Immunology, Tropical Medicine and Vaccination
  • Delegate of the Bavarian Medical Association