Health counseling in Munich

We are your team of specialists for health consultation in Munich and the surrounding area. Dr.Frühwein & Partner

Health is an important factor for a satisfied life.
Especially for managers in leading positions, regular health advice in the form of a preventive medical check-up should be a necessity in its own right.

If health advice is provided with the necessary sense of proportion and high quality, it can

  • reduce one’s own risk of illness (risk management)
  • Maintain the working capacity even with increasing age
  • help them achieve their own “work-life balance”.

For a competent health consultation, we have developed a special program for you, which is based on the assured standards of preventive medicine.

We place special emphasis on individualized screening. Together with you, we select an individual preventive program that is optimal for you. We have developed a modular system for this purpose. We initially perform a wide-ranging basic examination, which may then lead to further investigations. After precaution is a question of sustainability, that is, regular repetitions, they can then be carried out the next time. This saves you unnecessary examinations with the corresponding physical and time burden of the journey to Munich. Not everything that is technically feasible also makes sense.

The thing we lack the most is time. The initial examination can be comprehensive within one to two hours. For the discussion of the findings, a further appointment should be arranged in our practice in Munich, which can also be made by telephone in the case of normal findings. Time-consuming additional examinations are only performed as required within the framework of our step-by-step scheme

Even by providing the examination off-site in our appropriately equipped practice rooms, confidentiality is linked to the legal medical secrecy. All correspondence will be sent to your home address. Upon request, you will receive a certificate of completion of the examination so that your employer can recognize your interest in your health.

They should be free to decide on the scope and consequences of the investigation.
Our step-by-step scheme provides for one step at a time. Only when the basic examinations reveal indications of risks do you decide together with us on further measures and consequences. We will provide you with the best possible advice in this regard.

If desired, you will receive support for all further measures. We would also be happy to visit you on site in Munich.


All of life is a risk!

The overall risk of premature severe disease or death is significantly influenced by so-called risk factors.

Risk management is to minimize this risk in a meaningful way.
Risk management is a central component of our practice.
As one of the leading practices for vaccine medicine, we feel a special commitment to preventive care. Thus, 60% of heart attacks can be prevented by very simple means. (Boston study of 42000 men over the age of 16).

Preventive examination is the first part of this risk management
This must include a holistic and individualized look at your lifestyle. We will also be happy to advise you about so-called cancer screening programs. Because of our work in life insurance medicine, we are particularly familiar with the prognostic significance of examination results.

The most important part of the health consultation is the discussion of results
We place particular emphasis on a holistic view of your findings, the risk factors and the resulting consequences, also taking into account your previous lifestyle.
The basis for this is reliable data on the predictive value of individual parameters, also from life insurance medicine.

Under no circumstances should the risk be “hung up” on a single laboratory value, such as cholesterol. We try to give you a sense of what elevated cholesterol means to you personally. Much more important is the consequence one draws from such a value. Do you need to take medication or not? What can a diet do?

Consequences and further measures of health advice should round off the result. They are, after all, the very purpose of the investigation. Should you wish to take further measures, from coaching to individual sports, you are welcome to call on our team of experts.
The road to your ideal risk profile and optimal performance in the future is certainly long, but it need not be arduous by any means. Every person has their own path to success.

We offer to accompany you on this path.


within the framework of our health consultation

We can offer you the following services as part of our preventive examinations/health consultation:

  • Detailed medical history/examination
  • Apparative examinations
  • If applicable, early cancer detection
  • Additional examinations vascular risk
  • Other additional examinations
  • Detailed advice on risk management in conversation
  • Detailed written report of your results with computerized, expert opinion on the risk profile
  • Holistic lifestyle health advice

The services listed here as examples will be coordinated with you individually

  • Consulting nutrition, sports, smoking cessation
  • Analysis of your eating habits
  • Nutritional counseling food science
  • Initial diet including structured training with special food as external service in Munich
  • Individual sports coaching in Munich
  • Sports introduction weeks
  • Individual coaching lifestyle by special coach from Munich

Our goal for you is a happy life, which undoubtedly includes health, so we recommend regular health counseling.

Some of these services are provided outside our practice by qualified specialists.