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Do not neglect vaccinations

Munich - Vaccination is still one of the safest ways to protect against many diseases such as measles, diphtheria, polio or hepatitis, among others. Nevertheless, many Germans neglect prophylaxis. The reasons for this are [...]


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Press Review | Dr. Markus Frühwein

“No Fluenza” tour with Horst Lichter

31.10.2023 |

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Cortisone: Check your medication | Eight doctors analyse side effects: How tablets, ointments and sprays help

05.06.2023 | tz

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Cortisone: Check your medication | The big table: How tablets, ointments and sprays work – Eight doctors analyse the side effects

05.06.2023 | Münchner Merkur

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HOW DO WE SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF OUR TIME? | Ready like never before. After the pandemic is before the pandemic.

12/2022 | +3Magazin

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Vaccination and shingles – The podcast | Vaccination gains importance beyond Corona
Dr. Markus Frühwein on the STIKO recommendation on shingles

09/2021 | Medical Tribune

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Freedom at last | After long months in a permanent lockdown, the longed-for new beginning is here.
What relief applies, how the vaccination campaign continues and where we now safely
allowed to travel: 33 answers to the most important questions

20.2021 | FOCUS Knowledge

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Corona despite vaccination? | Physician clarifies

11.05.2021 | SAT.1 Bavaria

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No desire to wait in line | Pushers at vaccination

12/13.05.2021 | Abendzeitung Munich

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Enjoy life. Prevent infectious diseases. | Interview with Dr. Markus Frühwein

01.05.2021 | Klassikradio / Healthy Hour

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What to consider for Corona vaccination? | Expert tips from the medical profession

04/26/2021 | SAT.1 Bavaria

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“You often spend money on something that doesn’t do anything” | Vitamin boosters, trace elements, fiber and minerals, amino acids – there’s a lot going on in the market with dietary supplements. The nourishing physician Markus Frühwein over sense and nonsense of these preparations

28.03.2021 | FAZ Magazine / Nutrition

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New pathogens with pandemic risk emerge on average every 10 years

|Interview with Dr. Markus Frühwein

11.02.2021 |

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Flu vaccination – why and for whom is it particularly important?

November 2020 |

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Nurse thorn finger: Europe’s most poisonous spider is now crawling with us | What to do in case of a nurse thorn finger bite?

November 2020 | Galileo / Nature

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Endometriosis: common cause of menstrual cramps and childlessness

November 2020 |

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Flu wave 2020 – Interview BR

October 2020 | BR

How foot reflexology massages can increase well-being

October 2020 |

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My whooping cough went undetected for a long time!

September 2020 | PICTURE

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My whooping cough went undetected for a long time!

September 2020 | PICTURE

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Free Corona Tests for Bavaria

July 2020 | ORF – Noon in Austria

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Preventive examinations that are particularly important now | Do not postpone doctor’s appointments despite Corona!

July 2020 | New Week – Medicine Journal

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First aid on the road | Health tips for traveling

June 29, 2020 | Munich Church Radio

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Spinning – how moderate endurance training strengthens health

June 24, 2020 |

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Corona: Seeing through the test jungle
An overview

02 June 2020 | Münchner Merkur | In Focus

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Corona vaccinations: One prick for all?
Pros and cons: debate in hello

May 09, 2020 | Hello Munich

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“Whooping cough knows no age limit”.

April 25, 2020 | Klassik Radio Digital

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Corona virus current topics

May 2020 | AOK Bavaria

The most important questions and answers about the coronavirus

15.04.2020 | Radio Gong 96,3

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Nutritional supplements:
How good are they for the immune system?

04/14/2020 |

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Whooping cough vaccination
Pertussis is not a childhood disease

10.04.2020 | German Medical Journal

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Topic: Coronavirus
Coronavirus: questions and answers about infection

09.04.2020 |

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100 days cough
Pertussis vaccination protects adults and infants

11.03.2020 |

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Guest at: Motivation Health

01.03.2020 | Business TV / Munich TV

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Soul searching over shaking hands in the age of coronavirus
To shake or not to shake. That is the question …

01.03.2020 | Los Angeles Times

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Type 2 diabetes: Prevention through a healthy lifestyle

February 2020 |

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Coronavirus reaches Germany:
What does this mean for us?

30.01.2020 | RTL.DE

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Corona virus protection
Tropical doctor explains what measures prevent infection

29.01.2020 | FOCUS Online

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Coronavirus in Germany:
Doctor answers the most important questions about mouthguards & Co.

29.01.2020 |

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Where did the vaccination certificate go?


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Need to catch up – Study: Bavaria lags behind in vaccination protection for young children

07 December 2019 |

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Much news for the vaccination practice – Current vaccination recommendations of the STIKO

11/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Travel medicine consultation in the general practitioner’s office: infection risks during travel often underestimated

11/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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10/2019 | KVB FORUM

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Vaccination in multiple sclerosis: easier than thought – What matters when vaccinating MS patients taking ocrelizumab?

October 25, 2019 | Medical Tribune

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After meningococcal cases in Bavaria – “Compulsory vaccination unnecessary”? Two experts in interview

12 October 2019 |

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No causal therapy available – Japanese enzaphalitis – when do travelers need vaccination?

09/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Vaccination counseling in family practice – Meningococcal B: Who is at increased risk of infection?

08/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Measles: Myth versus truth

August 05, 2019 | Münchner Merkur | LIFE

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Danger reduced – but not yet averted – Polio vaccination: WHO strengthens recommendations

07/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Digital vaccination certificate – the cell phone reminds you to get your shot

July 17, 2019 | Süddeutsche Zeitung

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New vaccine against shingles – “Well tolerated”

05 July 2019 | Lecture at the Vaccination and Travel Medicine Day

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Gripped by the travel bug? Do not forget vaccination advice!

06/2019 | patient journal travel & health

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Immunosuppression and vaccinations – New STIKO recommendations for action

06/2019 | medical journal travel & medicine

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alpha-thema Talk: The imaginary patient – hypochondria – a tormenting disease

03 June 2019 | ARD-alpha

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alpha-topic conversation: Vaccination – protective shield with risk?

May 27, 2019 | ARD-alpha

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Beware of ticks: How to protect yourself

April 1, 2019 | Münchner Merkur No. 77

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Zika virus infection: distribution, infection, symptoms

March 2019 | Apotheken-Umschau

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Family physicians sound vaccine alarm

“We need more stock”

March 2019 | Mercury

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Acute bronchitis

Bronchitis. Three questions for Markus Frühwein, MD.

April 2018 | NetDoctor

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Munich caught cold: wave of colds rolls over the city

Coughs, colds and hoarseness are spreading in Munich. The flu epidemic has not even reached the state capital yet. The responsible department advises vaccination against influenza. (…)

October 2018 | TZ Munich

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Therefore, we can not do anything for our winter fat

We all know it, the winter flab. The nasty extra pounds that we put on over the cold months and then have to laboriously work off again in the spring – if we manage it. There is even a very logical explanation for the winter cold. (…)

October 2018 | RTL

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Ingenious trick: This really helps against winter flab

s the days get colder and grayer, we dread (ha!) one thing in particular: winter flab. Because it seems to set in automatically every year. But why exactly at this time of year? (…)

October 25 2018 | desired

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Munich doctors vaccinate themselves and their staff

The Munich District and County Medical Association (ÄKBV) has dealt extensively with the topic of vaccination and now recommends the seasonal flu vaccination not only for patients. (…)

September 2018 | Munich District and County Medical Association

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Everything with hemp? What’s the truth about the cannabis hype?

Hemp is booming. More and more products contain hemp and quite legally! Reporter Martin Dunkelmann shows you things like hemp toothpaste or hemp coffee during his hemp day. But how do the products taste and are they healthy? (…)

September .2018 | ProSieben

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New vaccine gives hope

It is an unpleasant and extremely painful disease: shingles. Unlike the name suggests, it can occur anywhere on the body. A new vaccine gives hope to patients and doctors. (…)

September 2018 | Bayerischer Rundfunk

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Rare virus detected in dead bird at Poing Wildlife Park

West Nile virus has been detected in a dead bird at Poing Wildlife Park. It is the third case in Germany. (…)

September .2018 | Mercury

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“Tropical tick Hyalomma spreads in Germany: Experts are worried”

A tropical tick species is spreading in Germany. Hyalomma is significantly larger than the tick species usually found in Germany and transmits dangerous diseases. All information on the current situation in the tick ticker. (…)

August 2018 | inFranken
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“Infection risks are underestimated”

Dr. Markus Frühwein is a general practitioner and travel medicine specialist in Munich. He talks to “Ärzte Zeitung” about the dangers that travelers often underestimate – and what certain groups should watch out for. (…)

July .2018 | Medical Journal

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“Tiger mosquito will soon appear in Bavaria”.

Read more with OVB online registration. (…)

July .2018 | OVB Online

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Heat test: How long can you stand it in a hot car?

How long can you last in a car when the sun is really beating down on it in the summer? (…)

July 2017 | BR

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“This is where the family doctor comes in”

Not even one in 20 high-risk patients with immunosuppression is protected against pneumococcus. This is the result of a study by scientists led by Niklas Schmedt from the Institute for Applied Health Research (InGef) in Berlin. (…)


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“Preventing and treating tick and mosquito bites – when to take your child to the doctor?”

Summer is great! Walking barefoot through the meadows and sleeping with the window open at night. It could be perfect. If it weren’t for pests like mosquitoes and ticks disturbing the peaceful tranquility. (…)

July 2018 | Children People

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“Increased TBE risk: 2018 will be a record tick year.”

Ticks are more abundant this summer than they have been in a decade. A tick bite poses a risk of transmission of TBE. How you can protect yourself. (…)

July 2018 | Augsburger Allgemeine

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Heat in Hesse: Why hot temperatures make you aggressive

The heat goes to many people’s heads, they sleep less, are tired more quickly and are therefore sometimes more irritable. But where does this sudden thinness come from? (…)

July 2017 | RTL Hesse

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New vaccines under development

Vaccinations save many millions of people and their environment from serious infectious diseases every year. In the case of active vaccinations, the immune system specifically learns about a particular pathogen and protection against this disease develops. One becomes “immune”. (…)

July .2018 | Pharma Newspaper

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Health risks for long-distance travelers: Larvae eat their way into the brain: tropical medicine expert warns of worm in fish dishes

There are vaccinations and tablets that provide reliable protection against many tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and cholera. But travelers can hardly protect themselves from some exotic ailments – such as certain parasites. FOCUS Online spoke with a tropical medicine specialist. (…)

June .2018 | Focus Online

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Traveling seniors advise: Is there a gap in standard immunizations?

The interest of the over-60s in traveling the world continues unabated. The travel medicine consultation offers a good opportunity to check the status quo of the standard vaccinations in addition to the vaccination protection, for example against typhoid, rabies or hepatitis. This is because seniors in particular carry an increased risk of disease. (…)

June .2018 | medical journal travel & medicine

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How to protect yourself against ticks

Almost all of Bavaria is a risk area for the dangerous viral infection TBE. What is behind the disease and how to react in case of a tick bite. (…)

May .2018 | Augsburger Allgemeine

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On the one hand, good communication between general practitioners and specialists, and on the other hand, the development of a vaccination routine in the daily practice is essential

The immunosuppressive side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as the immunomodulatory effects of some cancers, cause a significantly increased risk of infection. Cancer patients are therefore at greater risk for pneumococcal pneumonia compared with patients without underlying disease. The results of the PneuVUEh survey on communication between primary care physicians and specialists on the topic of vaccination confirm that almost all primary care physicians exchange information about the therapy of their immunocompromised patients (…)

May .2018 | ONCOLOGY Today

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Influenza vaccination 2018/19 – more luck than this year?

More than 330,000 influenza cases and 1,627 direct deaths were accounted for by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in April for the 2018 influenza season in Germany. There were 138 flu outbreaks in hospitals alone, 122 in kindergartens, 58 in schools, 49 in nursing homes and homes for the elderly, and 35 in rehabilitation facilities. The numbers are not exact because not everyone who gets sick goes to the doctor and many deaths are related to other pre-existing conditions. (…)

May .2018 | knowledge-health

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Travel safely: Vaccination protection for the liver

Prevention of hepatitis A, which is primarily foodborne, and hepatitis B, which is primarily sexually transmitted, have a permanent place in travel medicine consultation. Both diseases can be prevented very reliably by complete vaccination regimens, with antibody control if necessary – this also builds up long-term to lifelong protection. (…)

May .2018 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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What protects safely against insects?

The extensive portfolio of insect-borne diseases makes adequate protection against insects a must, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. A solid basic knowledge of insect protection options is indispensable for travel medicine consultation (…)

April.2018 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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Almost half of all German meningitis cases in Bavaria

Almost all of Bavaria is a risk area for early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE). The virus is transmitted through tick bites. Children are particularly likely to catch the bloodsuckers. But there is an enormous vaccination gap among them. (…)

18.04.2018 |

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Galileo | Lose weight with cola …

Find the Fake News: Lose weight with cola (…) Post starts approx. from minute 2:10

04/16/2018 | | Galileo

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Vaccination counseling: good arguments against vaccination skeptics

With vaccinations, we have a concept that has eradicated the most serious diseases, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven thousands of times over, and which has probably saved more lives than any other medical measure. Many aspects that are put forward by opponents of vaccination (…)

April 2018 | medical journal and medicine

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Road safety when traveling – must not be underestimated during consultation

If you have explained vaccinations, malaria, other tropical diseases, nutrition, climate as well as mosquito and sun protection during the travel consultation, the most important health risks should actually be completely addressed, shouldn’t they? Far from it. A perennially neglected topic of travel medicine expertise is road safety. (…)

April 2018 | Medical Journal

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Tick vaccination for professional basketball player Heckmann

Bavaria’s Health Minister Melanie Huml advises TBE vaccination before the start of the tick season; the danger is greatest from April to October.
Bavaria’s Health Minister Melanie Huml calls for timely protection against the risk of infection by ticks. Huml emphasized at a press conference in Bamberg on March 12, 2018: (…)

12.03.2018 |

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PRESS RELEASE Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care

Huml advises TBE vaccination before the start of the tick season – Bavaria’s Health Minister: The danger is greatest from April to October – So far in 2018, one TBE case (…)

12.03.2018 | Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care

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Tetravalent vaccine: a paradigm shift in influenza prevention

Vaccination against influenza provides largely effective protection against illness. Until now, the choice between tri- and tetravalent vaccines has been determined primarily by the patient’s insurance status. A prescription of the tetravalent vaccine was (…)

February 2018 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Flu wave 2018: Experts warn! Worst flu wave feared in years

In Saarland, two children have already died as a result of severe influenza illnesses. The Robert Koch Institute is now warning of an extreme wave of influenza in Germany. To date, there are 11,000 reported cases of influenza. (…)

02.02.2018 |

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Become an expert in international health

The growing need for specialists in tropical medicine and international health is being met by establishing a new “Diploma in Tropical Medicine and International Health” in Munich. The course understands health care as a concept that crosses national boundaries. (…)

January 2018 |

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Meningococcal vaccination: who needs it before traveling?

For travelers, the risk of contracting meningococci is on the one hand rather low, but on the other hand, an illness is very often associated with severe health damage and high lethality. In the travel medicine consultation, the question therefore arises as to when meningococcal vaccination makes sense for the traveler. (…)

October 2017 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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New STIKO recommendations: What has changed now?

The new recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) have just been published in epidemiological bulletin No. 34, as they are every year. For example, recommendations in the areas of herpes zoster, influenza, and hepatitis A/B have been expanded. Time to take a closer look at the changes. (…)

September 2017 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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Valid arguments for vaccination

Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates are far from the levels that are desirable for patient safety. The observed restraint is certainly also due to the discussions about the efficacy of various vaccines, for example, as well as coverage risks. (…)

September 2017 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Tropical medicine from Munich – Dr. Frühwein + Partner

Dr. Frühwein & Partner is a special medical practice in the heart of Munich: As early as 1946, it was one of the first yellow fever vaccination centers in Europe. In the meantime, this has developed into a renowned practice for general medicine with a focus on naturopathy, homeopathy, tropical and travel medicine (…)

09.08.2017 | AGITANO | Interview with Dr. Markus Frühwein

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Vaccinate against rabies?

Rabies vaccination has a permanent place in the travel medicine consultation, especially since many travelers come to the practice with the specific wish for immunization. What are the facts to be considered? And what recommendations can be made today for vaccination prophylaxis in individual cases? (…)

August 2018 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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The bite of the tick: How to banish the danger of TBE

The risk areas for early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE) continue to spread – but TBE illnesses are also possible outside the regions defined as risk areas. What recommendations for prophylaxis can be given today? (…)

July 2017 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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Yellow fever vaccination: what can travelers be advised to do now?

The current yellow fever outbreak in Brazil has meanwhile spread further – this raises the question for many travelers whether they need an appropriate vaccination. Which recommendations are currently valid, how the vaccination is carried out and which risk groups are to be particularly considered, you can read here.(…)

March 2017 | FORUM Travel and Medicine e.V.

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Older travelers – up to date with standard vaccinations too?

More and more frequently, planned long-distance travels also bring people over the age of 60 to travel medicine consultations – a good reason to update not only travel vaccinations but also general vaccination protection for the elderly, especially since travelers usually present themselves without an acute illness. (…)

February 2017 | medical journal travel & medicine

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Do not treat insects sting

Many typical vacation diseases are transmitted by insects. Since there is often no causal treatment and severe courses are possible, comprehensive INSECT PROTECTION is the most important preventive measure. What should be considered here? (…)

February 2017 | Patient Journal Travel & Health

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Man dead! Meningitis alarm in asylum shelter

Alarm at the asylum shelter in Lochhausen! On Tuesday morning, the police closed the access road in the Langwieder Hauptstraße, quite a few rescue workers rushed into the buildings. On Tuesday night, a refugee died in the hospital. Suspicion of meningitis – meningitis! (…)

31.01.2017 |

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The flu hits seniors hard this year

The number of flu cases in Bavaria continues to rise. This season, 1546 cases have already been reported. Seniors are particularly often affected. We asked Munich-based general practitioner Dr. Markus Frühwein how to survive the wave of influenza reasonably unscathed. (…)

18.01.2017 |

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Why the family doctor is and remains important

Not every disease requires a specialist
It is by no means the case that today’s clinical pictures immediately require a specialist. Family doctors also have the latest technology at their disposal and, like their colleagues in the clinics, are constantly undergoing further training, even if they naturally cannot perform every operation. The decline in primary care physicians also correlates with medical (…)

2017 |

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Munich sniffles and coughs: How to stay healthy

How to prevent colds, what helps against them
Outside it is wet, cold and uncomfortable. Many already have a scratchy throat or runny nose. Physician Markus Frühwein answers the most important questions about colds, flu and vaccination (…)

07.10.2016 | Abendzeitung Munich

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The punctures are getting closer

With the onset of the warm season, health authorities in Italy, Austria and Switzerland are keeping a watchful eye on an uninvited guest: the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus or Stegomyia albopicta) seems to be moving further and further north in the wake of global warming and brisk travel and trade. (…)

24.04.2016 |

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