Naturopathy in Munich

Natural healing methods are various healing methods that do not require technical aids; they use the means that nature provides and activate the body’s own forces to bring about a cure for the sick person.

Natural means are understood as sun, water, air and earth, movement and rest. Natural foods and medicinal plants are also included.

Classic naturopathic treatments include:

  • Hydrotherapy in the form of sauna, baths, wraps
  • Exercise therapy with physiotherapy, sports and relaxation
  • Phytotherapy with the use of plant active substances
  • Nutritional therapy with recommendation of appropriate diet

Already the Greek physician Hippocrates speaks of the right díaita, by which he understands not only diet, but the way of life appropriate to the particular patient.

Important doctors in the field of naturopathy were in the 18. and 19th century Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland and Sebastian Kneipp.

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