Exercise and sport

In holistic medicine, exercise and sporting activity play an important role in the prevention of diseases.

It is now also known that even people with very serious underlying diseases do not have to observe absolute physical rest and “immobilisation”, but that dosed and regular exercise can, in addition to increasing well-being, coordinative abilities and quality of life, also increase the performance of the immune system and slow down or even prevent the progression of certain chronic diseases.

If necessary, the individual level of stress tolerance should be determined by means of special diagnostics and defined together with the attending physicians, because excessive stress can have an unfavourable effect on the immune system and well-being.
It is known, for example, that marathon runners have an increased susceptibility to infections.
We can support you in finding out your personal stress limit which is beneficial to your health and advise you on which form of physical exercise or sporting activity is favourable for you with regard to any pre-existing conditions.

It is important that you enjoy exercise, because if you don’t enjoy exercise it is perceived as stress and this could weaken your immune system.

We offer the following services within the scope of our sports consulting services

  • Individual prevention
  • Holistic consulting lifestyle
  • Detailed risk history
  • Detailed general advice on sport and lifestyle
  • ECG, ergometry, long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Sports fitness examination
  • Diving fitness examination
  • Detailed advice on risk management