Preventive medicine and prevention in Munich

Diseases of civilization such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure are affecting more and more people and appearing earlier and earlier. Cancers are also becoming more widespread.

Preventive health care in Munich avoids serious illnesses

Prevention offers you an efficient way to counteract these health developments at an early stage. Preventive medicine in Munich can prevent their onset or detect them early to avoid severe courses.

Prevention in Munich increases your quality of life

The goal of preventive or precautionary medicine in Munich is to promote and maintain your health, thereby increasing your quality of life noticeably and in the long term.

Individual pension provision in Munich at any age and in all areas

  • Cancer screening (e.g. colon cancer, skin cancer)
  • Detection and prevention of chronic diseases
  • Detection and compensation of vitamin or hormone deficiencies
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and sport
  • Stress, overload
  • Performance
  • Healthy lifestyle

Service options through us or our prevention partners in Munich

During a check-up we get an idea of your health constitution. This includes your daily stresses and challenges that affect your performance.

  • Blood test (e.g. blood count, cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamins, hormones)
  • Ultrasound examination (internal organs, thyroid, vessels)
  • Cardiac ultrasound
  • ECG and ergometry
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Sports consulting/training
  • Health advice
  • Constitutional analysis
  • Professional and life coaching
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Creation of individual plans and support during implementation

Preventive medicine in Munich develops health-promoting concept

In the pension consultation in Munich, we analyze your health values, your everyday structure, your wishes and your needs with you after a check-up. From this we develop with you an individual realistic concept for a healthier lifestyle and accompany you during the implementation. For you, this means health security in your life planning in your private and professional life.

Health prevention in Munich: Check-ups also for companies

For companies, promoting preventive measures is a forward-looking investment in employee performance and an important contribution to ongoing business success. We would also be happy to support you in the context of occupational health management in your company.

Preventive medicine in Munich for a more productive workforce

This includes not only the possibility of preventive check-ups in your company. We also work with you to develop concepts for sports and exercise management, nutritional recommendations, break and health-friendly workplace designs. With preventive health care in Munich, you not only reduce the sickness rate in your company, you also get more efficient and motivated employees who feel good in your company.