Polio: Polio Vaccination

In this viral disease, we know, in addition to "silent" and less severe disease courses, progressions, which are highly complicated and accompanied by severe paralysis and often mean permanent damage for those affected. There is no causal treatment of the disease. Even the worldwide eradication of poliomyelitis has not yet been achieved. Travel to "not [...]

Lockjaw: Tetanus vaccination

The infectious agent of tetanus can be found everywhere. In all injuries, even after medical interventions (e.g. punctures, endoscopic interventions), the pathogens can penetrate the wound and multiply under special conditions. They form a nerve poison, which then triggers severe symptoms of the disease (extremely painful muscle cramps). Even today, to a large extent, tetanus [...]

Diphtheria vaccination

Diphtheria is one of our rare diseases and is caused by the poison (toxin) of the diphtheria bacterium. If the vaccination coverage of the population is inadequate, a more frequent occurrence is also possible in our country.The disease, which can be transmitted mainly by droplet infection, often takes a severe, sometimes life-threatening course despite certain [...]

Whooping cough vaccination

This bacterial infectious disease is very contagious. The number of illnesses and the age of the patients is strongly dependent on the vaccination rate. Accompanying pneumonia caused by other pathogens, seizures and brain involvement, which often leave permanent damage behind, are to be highlighted as complications of whooping cough. The vaccination not only protects the [...]

Rubella vaccination

The main purpose of the vaccination against rubella is to prevent rubella from developing during pregnancy. If unprotected pregnant women become infected with rubella, there is a great danger that the newborn will also become ill. Severe malformations of the child's brain, eyes or heart are often the result. Vaccination for boys is also recommended [...]


Measles is highly contagious. The measles virus infection regularly leaves behind a temporary weakening of the body's defense system, during which other bacterial inflammations such as middle ear infections and diarrhea can occur. Another complication is encephalitis, which up to now has a high mortality rate and defect healing rate. A malignant inflammation of the [...]

Varicella: Chickenpox vaccination

Varicella are spread all over the world. In Germany, approximately 700,000 diseases are thought to occur every year. Chickenpox is extremely contagious and it is a first infection with varicella zoster virus. Transmission takes place via virus-containing droplets, which are excreted when breathing or coughing. Furthermore, transmission is possible through virus-containing vesicles or crusts as [...]

Mumps vaccination

Mumps is usually a benign disease. This vaccination is yet recommended, because of the rare but serious complications, which can be triggered. These are permanent damages, such as brain inflammation, permanent hearing damage, sterility (if the testicles are infected). Also the possibility of completely eradicating the natural disease is an important factor.Vaccination: Live vaccine (= [...]

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