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Travel medicine, vaccination and infectiology

Here we present interesting aspects of our practice focus and important patient information, especially in the field of travel medicine, vaccination and infectiology.

Our concept of “integrated prevention” with the special check up of the practice Dr. Frühwein and Partner is also taken into account.

Due to diverse and partly misleading information, there is great uncertainty regarding Lyme disease.
In the following, we, the practice of Dr. Frühwein and Partners, would like to help you gain some clarity about this disease. As an infectious disease practice, we have decades of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

In order to do special justice to children during travel medicine consultations, we have developed a

Special consultation for travel medicine for children

under the supervision of a pediatrician.

For this we ask you to make a special appointment.

Your practice team

Yellow fever is a viral disease that causes death in a high percentage and is transmitted by mosquitoes. At the onset of the disease, there may be fever and bleeding even under the skin, which turns yellow after about 2 weeks. (Hence the name gel fever.)

You have received a yellow fever vaccination exemption from us.

The reasons for such a vaccination exemption have been discussed with you in detail.

Yellow fever is a very serious disease with a sometimes fatal outcome. The proof of a yellow fever vaccination is sometimes ultimatively demanded by the authorities when crossing the border. The proof consists of a vaccination card form in accordance with WHO regulations with the entries and the seal of the authorized yellow fever vaccination center. We hold the authorization No. 1 in Bavaria.

Useful and information to download

Here you can download some useful patient information (PDF) and save it on your tablet, smartphone or computer.
These are then always at your disposal – e.g. when traveling.


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