The yellow fever vaccination

Vaccination over 60 years

Yellow fever is a viral disease that causes death in a high percentage and is transmitted by mosquitoes.
At the onset of the disease, there may be fever and bleeding even under the skin, which turns yellow after about 2 weeks. (Hence the name gel fever.)

Due to the dangerous nature of the disease and the high priority of epidemic control, the World Health Organization (WHO) has entrusted individual centers with the implementation of vaccination.

Our practice has been one of the first of these centers in Europe since 1946 and therefore also holds the No. 1 yellow fever vaccination permit in Bavaria. Within the scope of our travel medicine activities, we are also particularly concerned with the yellow fever vaccination.

The yellow fever vaccination is a so-called live vaccination. In principle, the yellow fever vaccination was considered to be well tolerated, except for chicken protein allergies. More recently, some cases of severe disease of the brain and internal organs in the elderly and even isolated deaths after yellow fever vaccination have been described worldwide. The incidence is slightly higher than the burden of disease expected even without gel fever vaccination.
Thus, travelers over 60 years of age (arbitrary limit)should particularly carefully weigh the risk of vaccination against the risk of disease. We have always held this way for all age groups and will continue to do so in the future.

In individual cases, exemption from the gel fever vaccination is recommended. You can also get them from us.

In case of symptoms after vaccination of any kind, you can always contact us. For 4 weeks blood donation is not possible, for one week major physical stress should be avoided.

Nikolaus Frühwein, MD