Yellow fever vaccination in Munich

You have received a yellow fever vaccination exemption from us.

The reasons for such a vaccination exemption have been discussed with you in detail.

Yellow fever is a very serious disease with a sometimes fatal outcome. The proof of a yellow fever vaccination is sometimes ultimatively demanded by the authorities when crossing the border. The proof consists of a vaccination card form in accordance with WHO regulations with the entries and the seal of the authorized yellow fever vaccination center. We hold the authorization No. 1 in Bavaria.

In special cases, a vaccination exemption may be issued. Recognition of such an exemption is left to the discretion of the immigration authorities. We have designed our vaccination exemption according to the vaccination record to increase acceptance by the authorities. We have yet to hear of any cases where this has not been recognized.

However, we cannot guarantee the recognition of a yellow fever vaccination exemption.

We wish you a wonderful vacation!
Your practice team