Malaria: Prevention & Info

There are now several drugs approved here for malaria, whose prescription meets the individual needs of the traveler: e.g. Resochin®, Paludrin®, Lariam®, Malarone®, Riamet® and in exceptional cases the antibiotic doxycycline *. Depending on the frequency of malaria cases in the destination country, the length of stay, the individual's state of health and the [...]

Hepatitis A: The vaccination protects

Every year towards the end of the peak travel season in late summer and autumn, an accumulation of hepatitis A diseases occurs in Germany. Only a vaccination can protect against hepatitis A. The RKI (Robert Koch Institute) reported a total of 929 cases in 2009 (2008: 1073). In about half of the cases, the [...]

Yellow fever: Yellow fever vaccination

Yellow fever is an extremely dangerous viral disease, transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore a 100% protection for the traveler cannot be provided. The yellow fever vaccination should be absolutely be considered, when travelig to southern countries. We will be happy to advise you on the yellow fever vaccination in our practice in Munich.The yellow fever virus [...]

Typhoid fever: Typhoid vaccination

clinical picture: Typhus abdominalis can occur worldwide. In Germany, this disease has been greatly reduced by hygienic measures, but even here occasionally flickering cases of the disease must be expected. This danger is mainly due to the introduction of typhoid fever by travellers. Epidemiology The causative agent of abdominal typhus occurs worldwide. More than 43 [...]

Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B vaccination

First of all, some informations, worth knowing about hepatitis BApproximately 350 million people worldwide are suffering from chronic hepatitis B infection, 75% of them in the Asia-Pacific region. In contrast to hepatitis A, hepatitis B can become chronic and lead to severe liver damage and even cirrhosis with liver failure.Every year, 0.5 - 1 million [...]

Rabies vaccination Munich

The rabies vaccination is becoming more and more accepted by travelers and represents a considerable issue in travel medical advice. The fears of the traveler are in the foreground compared to the actual frequency of the illness. As within all our medical activities a high-quality medical consultation, especially in this sensitive area of travel vaccinations [...]

Japanese encephalitis: vaccination

The travel vaccination against Japanese encephalitis, i.e. Japanese meningitis, is becoming more and more important, especially for professionally induced trips to Southeast Asia. Almost the entire area is a potential infection area, even though with a varying frequency at different seasons. As within all our medical activities a high-quality medical consultation, especially in this sensitive [...]