Yellow fever is an extremely dangerous viral disease, transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore a 100% protection for the traveler cannot be provided. The yellow fever vaccination should be absolutely be considered, when travelig to southern countries. We will be happy to advise you on the yellow fever vaccination in our practice in Munich.

The yellow fever virus belongs to the flaviviruses and to the pathogens of so-called haemorrhagic fever. These are diseases in which bleeding occurs. The mortality rates that are stated are between 30 and 60%.

Yellow fever diseases occur in South American countries, Panama and large parts of central Africa.

The yellow fever vaccination is recommended for travelers to South America or Africa.

In some cases, the certificate is even required on entry. This is especially the case, if one enters from a so-called “infected” country. Unfortunately, sometimes the official regulations are of little help, since one can be exposed to the arbitrariness of the personnel, when entering the country. In case of doubt, a yellow fever vaccination in Germany under safe conditions is preferable. A valid yellow fever certificate is often indispensable for shore excursions, especially when travelling by ship.

The yellow fever vaccination is therefore partly a compulsory vaccination and the vaccination certificate should always be carried in hand luggage. Besides the yellow fever vaccination only the vaccination against meningococcus is a compulsory vaccination today.

The yellow fever vaccine used today, dates back to a development by Max Theiler at the Rockefeller Institute around 1937. In 1951, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for this. Today’s vaccines are very well tolerated.

The yellow fever vaccination should not cause allergies to chicken eggs and should not be followed by extensive exercise. For travelers over the age of 60, the indication for yellow fever vaccination should be given with particular care. Generally the vaccination is very well tolerated.

Particular care should be taken, if someone does have an egg protein allergie and acute infections, as well as with older people being vaccinated the first time.

Only authorized vaccination practices may carry out the vaccination against yellow fever. These are so-called yellow fever vaccination sites.

Already in 1947 Dr. med. Friedrich Frühwein received the official permission for the yellow fever vaccination and became thus the yellow fever vaccination place No. 1 in Bavaria and in Munich.