Tropical Investigation Munich: after a stay in a tropical or subtropical region, you will be examined by us for an infectious disease in tropical medicine.


Tropical diseases are frequently very complex and often difficult to diagnose. Even in the case of minor symptoms, that appear easily such as mosquito bites, more serious illnesses requiring treatment, can be behind it. Only by combining the patient’s history, symptoms and test results, the diseases can be diagnosed or excluded.

Generally, tropical diseases must be detected and treated quickly. This means, that it is not possible to resort to time-consuming step-by-step diagnostics, but one must have all important values available as quickly as possible.

Therefore, we have made a very extensive, quality-oriented standard program the basis of our tropical investigations. This includes, among other things, so-called “banal” parameters.

One example is the level of cholesterol, which may be indicative of malaria, or the test for hidden blood in stool, which is often positive early in the case of typhoid fever.

Only such routine programs can provide a basis for the best quality diagnostics to minimize your health risks. As a positive side effect, you will receive a comprehensive “check up” (health examination) through this examination. We try to maintain our quality at this high level despite general restrictions in the health care system.

The standard program is supplemented by symptom-oriented special examinations. These are sometimes very time-consuming, they can take several days and are billed directly by the laboratory, carrying out the tests. The course of many tropical diseases is not always predictable. Often several examinations are necessary to reach a diagnosis or therapy. Please don`t hesitate to call us immediately, if your condition deteriorates or does not improve as expected.

For further information please contact our practice team.

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