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If you are traveling to exotic countries, it is recommended to get vaccinations for specific journeys. We offer the appropriate advice, especially for your destination and the required vaccinations in our practice in Munich.

Tropical vaccines in Munich protect you and others from diseases

In addition to the recommended travel vaccinations, some countries also require compulsory vaccinations for travelers from high-risky regions, for example against yellow fever, meningococci or polio. Because not only the traveler exposes himself to increased health risks in some areas, on his return he could even possibly pose a risk of infection for others.

Recommended standard vaccinations for risky areas

The permanent vaccination committee, which gives medical advice to the Federal States on their public vaccination recommendations, advices when traveling to appropriate risk regions, vaccinations against cholera, TBE, yellow fever, hepatitis A/ B, influenza, meningococci, polio, rabies and typhoid.

Special tropical vaccinations in Munich against fever diseases

When traveling in the tropics and subtropics, additional travel vaccines are being added to treat various fever diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis, typhus, rickettsioses, Q- fever, dengue or chikungunya.

Timely consultation for optimal vaccine protection

Of course, a long-haul traveler doesn`t have to be vaccinated against everything at once. Nevertheless, a good medical trip preparation includes being advised in time for the required tropical vaccines in Munich or elsewhere, as some travel vaccinations will only take effect after a while and incompatibilities may arise.

More distant destinations require better medical preparation

The expansion in the travel market by low-cost airlines has in recent years opened up many exotic holiday destinations to a broad public, without a corresponding sensitization for the associated health risks. But the difference between Mallorca and the Dominican Republic is not only a few hours of flight. From the medical point of view, climate, hygiene and medical care on the tropical holiday destination often require a much more extensive preparation.

Aftercare should be understood as part of the tropical vaccine in Munich

This also applies to the often, neglected follow-up examinations, which should exclude a delayed outbreak as well as a possible risk of infection for third parties. Therefore, if you want to discover exotic places with a feeling of security, please consult Dr. Frühwein & Partners about tropical vaccinations in Munich.

Not all travel vaccinations will be reimbursed by the health insurance

Since not all health insurance companies reimburse travel vaccinations, we kindly ask you to inquire at your health insurance fund about the amount of the costs. You can also get information on the following website:

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