Nutrition Medicine in Munich

Our practice in Munich is your competent partner for nutritional medicine.

  • Diet – Healthy food strengthens your immune system
  • Overweight – We help you lose weight
  • Performance – Motivated and powerful throughout the day
  • Nutritional medicine – protection against chronic diseases and their consequences

Nutrition – Healthy food strengthens your immune system

Diet is playing an increasingly important role in our society. Consumers have developed a greater sensitivity to potentially harmful ingredients or inform themselves about the production conditions of their food. A healthy, balanced diet that is tailored to your individual needs strengthens your body’s defenses, gives you a positive body feeling and helps you achieve high levels of performance. If you have suspected cases of food allergy or you suspect an intolerance to lactose, fructose or gluten, you should get tested by our experienced nutritional physicians in Munich.

Overweight – We help you lose weight

Overweight and obesity are a common problem, that causes many illnesses and long-term consequences. For the first time since 2013, more than 50 percent of the Bavarian population is overweight. Nutritional medicine can help to counteract this trend. It is our declared goal to assist you on your way to the ideal weight. We support you with the right diet and motivate you to move healthy and persevering.

Performance – Motivated and powerful through the day

For its daily performance, our body needs to be supplied with the right nutrients. In addition to the macronutrients, trace elements, electrolytes, vitamins and other micronutrients are also crucial. If the body lacks these substances, malnutrition is present. Even overweight and seemingly sufficiently supplied people can be malnourished by improper diet, for example, by the excessive consumption of fast food or soft drinks. Together with you, we analyze the corresponding deficiencies and support you in achieving your goals.

Nutritional medicine in Munich – protection against chronic diseases and their consequences

The emergence of many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity is largely dependent on the diet and can be prevented or delayed by a targeted dietary change. But also in the area of already existing chronic diseases, a change in diet offers a good chance of influencing high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar positively, for example.

Solving digestive problems through healthy nutrition

In addition to this preventive and curative approach, nutritional medical advice and treatment in Munich also includes all complaints and illnesses, related to the digestive organs, from the first bite in the mouth to the end of the digestive process. Flatulence, increased uric acid or liver values, heartburn and many other complaints can have their cause in a wrong nutrition. With our nutritional medicine in Munich we bring your vital data back into a healthy balance.

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